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Hot egg is composed of a charging shell and a massaging stone egg that heats with a touch

of a button. The shell is the stones resting place and charging unit after use. 

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Directions are on the back of the chicken box.

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Hot egg was created to solve two problems: a sore back and the craving for a cute item. This chicken and egg combo are the tools you need to ease your muscle tension and relax. 

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How did I make it?

As a designer who struggles with back pain from long hours working on a computer, I wanted to created a cheerful solution to my problem. I blended the idea of a hot egg freshly laid from a chicken with a hot stone massage common in eastern medicine spas. I want the client to feel warm, loved, and relaxed when engaged with the product.

How do I know it is successful?

I accessed my success with this project based on user's initial facial expressions when seeing the product and their comfortability using it. Additionally, quotes were documented when anonymous users were introduced to the egg as proof of success. 

"This is the cutest massager I have ever seen"

"The egg fits perfectly in my hand!"

"I would 100% save this packaging"


What would I change?

Since this prototype is make of clay, some of the functions are imaginary. It would be optimal to actually have the rock heat up. I would have also liked for the clay material to appear more smooth to imitate a chickens egg better.

Where do you use a hot egg?


On your back, arms legs, anywhere you feel tense or sore! Good for using after a work out, or a stressful day at your desk. Muscle tension can really hurt and possibly lead to further back problems, so use a hot egg to avoid that now.

IMG_5815 graphic.jpg

Fits perfectly on any desk!

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 2.26.52 PM.png

What did the process look like?

I used a wide variety of clay before I settled on oven bake Sculpey as my main material. My steps included sketching, molding, experimenting with materials, baking clay, painting, and cutting boxes. I wanted a stable form that could be painted while flexible enough to work with a rock's texture. I found that the story of a chicken and egg was an effective way to connect two objects to create a story.

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